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“We take our time with your furniture. We hand-strip and sand each piece, then refinish it with five to six coats of finish while hand sanding between each coat.”


Back Porch, Ltd is a family-run business that has been helping Erie customers restore furniture and heirlooms since 1981.


In 1981, Joe Temple founded The Back Porch, a furniture refinishing business, with two of his sons, Jim and Doug Temple. As the years passed, Doug and Jim took over the business with help from their nephew, Jason Aloiz, and Doug's son, Dan Temple. Doug retired in 2015. As a family-run business, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and quality refinishing and repair services. We have built a strong and loyal customer base because we treat our customers as family.  Currently, the Back Porch is operated by Jim Temple and Dan Temple. 

We are proud to be a household name in Erie. We take pride in having conversations with everyone who comes in through our doors. Every piece of furniture has a story-- and we're here to listen to it to find out what it needs to restore its beauty. 



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